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a bus, modified in length, designed to cart tards to their retarded destination.
Whats better than riding the short bus? not being retarded!
by anonymous April 15, 2003
Bus that handicap people ride. Also called "short bus" by some.
Dude don't stare at the people in that "tard cart"
by Me March 25, 2003
Another name for a wheelchair
Look there Olivia and Emily go,,! Off in their tard carts!
by Jamie123bbwen January 12, 2011
The cart in the lunchroom where the handicapped people sell candy.
Dude, do you have 50 cents? I'm gonna go get Skittles from the tard cart.
by white mamba December 12, 2006
1. The side deffinition for a short bus carrying disabled people from one place to another. 2. Society's name for the shopping carts in the supermarket that just dont seem to work.
I saw a short bus pulling into the driveway of our school. I quickly pointed it out to my friend and said, "Hey look! Its a tardcart!" Mom: are ya havin trouble pushin the shopping cart around? Me: ya, it seems that I've chosen the tardcart
by biilbo December 27, 2012
The vehicle used to transport retards from place to place.
Dude, don't stare at the people in the TardCart.
by Anonymous October 20, 2003
2. a broke-down shopping cart with bent wires and/or at least one improperly functioning wheel
"Take this tard cart back and get a better one"
by brett February 10, 2005
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