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A common term referring to those of the African-American persuasion. Usually when caucasions are consuming alcohol and watching football on television, they will yell racist words at the television when a black person makes a good play, a bad play, or is sitting on the bench, is the coach, or maybe acting as a commentator. The white gentlemen will yell every racist name that they know for negroes, trying to best the one that was yelled before.
Tarbaby usually falls between 'stovepipe', 'yardape', and 'spearchucker'.
The word 'tarbaby' is guaranteed to get you in a fight with a person of negro descent if it is overheard. 'Silverback' is also a good one.
"I'm really glad that they got rid of that tarbaby Kordell Stewart."
"Ha ha ha! Your team has a tarbaby quarterback AND a tarbaby coach! Hahahahahahahaaaa. Good thing there's no swimming event in football!"
by Big Nose Jewbag November 11, 2006
the dirt found in the creases of a young child's neck/throat after a good day at the playground
grandma: don't forget to clean the tar babies during your bath, Corey

granddaughter: ok, thanks, Gramma! :]
by Guerita Lokita February 01, 2009
An african american baby, most likely very black.
Oh gosh it's a tar baby! Lock the car doors!
by 3 in a box! <3!*$!! December 11, 2007
describing a person who is really dark.
If I'm out in da sun for another second, I'll end up lookin' like a tar-baby.
by Tugboats May 28, 2006
1) A black man. see coon, nigger, etc etc

2) A road cyclist because they can't ride anywhere but on the tar-seal without needing a different bike.

3) A booby trap: shaped like a baby but made of tar.
1)ship that tar baby back

2) Stupid tar babies on their pricey road-only bicycles

3) I'm stuck to this tar baby
by Alejandro Paul's son April 17, 2009
Someone who looks like they're half alive or too high to even function, they're sunken in and skinny.
Have you talked to him lately?

No, he's turned into a tar baby.
by lightyear09 June 27, 2010
A black person, or a white person covered in tar...that looks like a nigger
Wow...you are so black, you are a tar baby.
by Chodee April 08, 2008