A Tarbaby is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat with golden eyes who loves to chirp and chortle. Though often sweet and affectionate, they are easily irritated and will often whine when they are displeased.
Tarbaby likes to pursue yarn in the early hours of the morning.
by happytortie February 02, 2010
describing a person who is really dark.
If I'm out in da sun for another second, I'll end up lookin' like a tar-baby.
by Tugboats May 28, 2006
1) A black man. see coon, nigger, etc etc

2) A road cyclist because they can't ride anywhere but on the tar-seal without needing a different bike.

3) A booby trap: shaped like a baby but made of tar.
1)ship that tar baby back

2) Stupid tar babies on their pricey road-only bicycles

3) I'm stuck to this tar baby
by Alejandro Paul's son April 17, 2009
Someone who looks like they're half alive or too high to even function, they're sunken in and skinny.
Have you talked to him lately?

No, he's turned into a tar baby.
by lightyear09 June 27, 2010
A self-proclaimed University of North Carolina (UNC) fan.
That tar baby only likes UNC because they win the championship every other year.
by Ebenezer Scrotum February 04, 2008
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