The act of tapping the floor to tell your partner that you are too tired or sore to continue being the receiver in gay anal sex. Commonly used to alleviate sore knees, cramp or anal bleeding.
"He was pounding me so hard I had to tapout or faint. Tapout seemed easier."

"He had such a pretty ass I had to tapout early so I could get my hands on it."
by Gerald4War March 12, 2014
Tapout is a douchebag clothing brand but it is also an adjective that can be used in various situation where you want to express drunkness or anger. This can also be used in french (especially in Quebec province) with the same meaning.
I'm really tapout » I'm drunk
I'm feelin' a little tapout » I'm a little bit drunk
I'm in tapout » I'm angry
I'm in fucking tapout » I'm really angry

Je suis en beau tapout » Je suis en tabarnak
Je suis légèrement tapout » Je suis légèrement réchauffé mais pas assez pour coucher avec ta mère
Je suis très tapout » Je suis tellement saoul que je coucherais avec ta mère
by mongosansl August 06, 2011
To tap someone on the back while hugging them, thus ending the hug. Usually when someone is not so comfortable hugging.

It can be a little condescending, like this is not a real thing this hug.
Hey dude that was not a real hug, give me a real hug, and dont tap out!
by ashtangapose October 23, 2012

1. to knock somebody out cold

2. making somebody quit a fight forcefully

background: in boxing or wrestling, to 'tap out' means to quit
Dude, did he really tap out with one blow!?!
by Emo Geek February 08, 2010
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