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To give up; to quit. To submit.
That exam was so difficult, I had to tap out.
by jonnylucky July 13, 2008
During oral sex, when a considerate man gives his partner warning that he's about to cum so she can stop before getting a mouth full. This indication is usual a light tap on the head. (a foreign concept to some men) Derived from a wrestling or fighting term used to indicate surrender.
My boyfriend is so considerate, he'll tap out when I'm giving him head.
by Do You See Me September 18, 2006
The act of tapping the floor to tell your partner that you are too tired or sore to continue being the receiver in gay anal sex. Commonly used to alleviate sore knees, cramp or anal bleeding.
"He was pounding me so hard I had to tapout or faint. Tapout seemed easier."

"He had such a pretty ass I had to tapout early so I could get my hands on it."
by Gerald4War March 12, 2014
During intercourse and nearing climax, pull out and proceed to
perform a submission hold from either wrestling/UFC and you must make her tap out before you have finished ejaculating.
by beaverlicious October 03, 2010
To tap someone on the back while hugging them, thus ending the hug. Usually when someone is not so comfortable hugging.

It can be a little condescending, like this is not a real thing this hug.
Hey dude that was not a real hug, give me a real hug, and dont tap out!
by ashtangapose October 23, 2012

1. to knock somebody out cold

2. making somebody quit a fight forcefully

background: in boxing or wrestling, to 'tap out' means to quit
Dude, did he really tap out with one blow!?!
by Emo Geek February 08, 2010
The act of extracting one's self from a social gathering or long standing social tradition. This term is often used in a moment of frustration, angst, or desperation.
"Man, if you guys don't shut up and leave me alone, I'm gonna tap out right now!"

"I don't want to, but if I have to, I'll be the first to tap out and you'll never see me again."
by yitb March 22, 2012