A type of clothing/athletic gear associated with MMA fighting. Typically worn by those douche bag guys you see in the club wearing a size small shirt and shoulders that wont fit through a door way. Also very popular with the lower-class uncouth roofer, paver or any other low-end profession that results in you coming home every day to your clinically retarded bimbo girlfriend in your lifted pick-up looking like you were crawing through grease trap all day.

Also close companion of other fag-wear such as affliction, ed hardy, extreme couture ect.
Dude look at that fag at the end of the bar in the Tap Out gear, him and his girlfriend look like they have the combined mental capacity of a foot...
by danvand January 03, 2010
A brand of clothing, priced a little high like Abercrombie but for Mixed Martial artist and fighters alike. They're good but they get a bad rep from chodes wearing their shit.
TapouT has some respectable attire.
by Shogun1 April 19, 2008
The original brand of mixed martial arts apparel, TapouT is an American T-shirt and MMA apparel brand. It was started in 1997 by three men, "Punkass" Dan Caldwell, "Skyskrape" Tim Katz, and Charles "Mask" Lewis Jr.(1963-2009), and is still doing well today. Unfortunately, a lot of "douche bags" wear TapouT clothes, which is why they aren't respected that much.
Nice TapouT shirt, Johnny
by Phenomenal1 July 15, 2010
A subtle, predetermined action warning of sexual climax.
The tap-out is usually 2-4 small pats where the hand is currently resting/grabbing. This courtesy warns a partner to either "stand clear" or "drink up" depending on this partner's preference. The tap-out alows warning of such without anyone yelling "I'M CUMMING" repeatedly.
When Tasha is blowing me, I have to tap-out before I get off because she dosent want it in her mouth.
by Daggermouth July 07, 2010
A particular brand of clothing that, when wearing, defines you as a total douche.

Associating with people wearing these disastrous clothes may slowly infect your brain, causing you to become a douche yourself.
Ignorant fool: "I'm so cool. I skate and wear Tapout stuff.

You: "Let's kill this mothafucka."
by Green Midget January 28, 2011
An MMA type clothing company. before this brand was popular, people who actually train wore these. unfortunatly once UFC got popular the brand got a bad rap because nowadays only fat kids and bros who dont even train wear these shirts.
MMA fighter driving home from gym waits at red light:"wow this guy in front of me is a serious jackass"
Bro in lifted truck with tapout stick on rear windsheild proceedes to blow smoke from muffler onto the fighter's toyota corolla. MMA fighter folows truck home and then beats the crap out of driver. MMA fighter thinks to himself, "what has happened to tapout fans".
by concerned citizen6436 August 17, 2011
During oral sex, when a considerate man gives his partner warning that he's about to cum so she can stop before getting a mouth full. This indication is usual a light tap on the head. (a foreign concept to some men) Derived from a wrestling or fighting term used to indicate surrender.
My boyfriend is so considerate, he'll tap out when I'm giving him head.
by Do You See Me September 18, 2006

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