A type of clothing/athletic gear associated with MMA fighting. Typically worn by those douche bag guys you see in the club wearing a size small shirt and shoulders that wont fit through a door way. Also very popular with the lower-class uncouth roofer, paver or any other low-end profession that results in you coming home every day to your clinically retarded bimbo girlfriend in your lifted pick-up looking like you were crawing through grease trap all day.

Also close companion of other fag-wear such as affliction, ed hardy, extreme couture ect.
Dude look at that fag at the end of the bar in the Tap Out gear, him and his girlfriend look like they have the combined mental capacity of a foot...
by danvand January 03, 2010
Top Definition
when youre having sex with a girl and she can't take the dick no more
i fucked that bitchhhhh so hard she hadda tap out
by nigggggawassup January 05, 2010
TAPOUT is a brand of clothing worn By "Bros" And "Douche bags". The main purpose of wearing Tapout Clothing is to distinguish "Douche Bags and Bros" from the normal populous.

Those who Wear this brand of clothing can also be found driving large trucks that there parents have purchased for them.These trucks usually have enormous tires, and suspension, yet have never been "off Road". Another feature is the addition of a large Sticker with the "TAPOUT" logo on the back windshield, Which is used to locate the vehicle in a crowded mall parking lot.A set of Chrome "testicles" may be seen hanging from the tow bar as well.These testicles are the only known Reproductive organ known for those wearing the TAPOUT brand.

Those wearing "TAPOUT" clothing should be avoided at all cost. It has been said that contact with an individual wearing "TAPOUT" clothing can result in irrational rage,Bodily injury, loss of IQ points, Herpes, and gutter mouth. The use of the word"Glammis" "fuck" and "bro" has been recorded as common lingo with Individuals wearing this brand. Please use extreme Caution!
Douche:"Hey bro, You gonna be going to Glammis this weekend?"
BRO: "Hell yeah Bro, I just purchased some new TAPOUT Clothing from the mall, and momz just made my truck payment, Fuck yeah bro"
by Zombierot July 08, 2010
A clothing and accessory company for impotent white trash inland empire douchefags that get very aggressive when they have their "posse" to back them up.
Tapout is the new srh, which was the new metal milisha.
by BJ Bruce October 27, 2008
To submit or give up.
I was fighting Corey and he was so hurt he needed to stop. So he tapped out.
by Jon December 08, 2004
Brand name apparel worn by posers who want to be associated with the MMA lifestyle even though they don't fight, don't train, don't do shit.
"Damn, this scene is blowing up, let's create Tap Out t-shirts and decals for all the wannabes. Make sure they're black because that's the only color they wear, and make sure the logo looks like an iron cross cuz that's hardcore and shit."
by And it's like that. March 01, 2009
A gay pride clothing company.
Have you ever noticed how dudes in tapout shirts travel in pairs?
by successfulheterosexual July 02, 2010
To tap the floor or an opponent in an act of submission. As in Jiu Jitsu, the losing party, as opposed to being seriously injured or rendered unconscious will tap to admit defeat.
"In a recent Submission tournament, I won all of my matches by tapout!"
by psyclone May 02, 2007

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