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When somebody sees five skaters, or tanks, within 4 seconds of each other. This is also called a Tank Spree.

If you are the daring type and you want to witness a tanktacular, just go to any pizza shop and look in the back for a gang of these fags. but be careful.

Tanks are known to carry knifes because they know that nobody likes them and that somebody will kick the shit out of them if they don't bring a weapon.

Tanktaculars are very rare and can cause one to get on his or her knees and ask god why he made such people. The reason is because god knows that making fun of such fags is very fun.

The easiest way to spot a tank is to look if he has a skateboard and an rockstar or monster eneregy drink in his hands, a wristband on his arm, also known as a tank band, and pants at least two sizes too small.

For more information about tanks please visit tank kids.
1. Tom: Yo Drew, i saw a tanktacular today.

Drew: Where were you?

Tom: I was driving by Sean O'tankly's house and him and his "boyz" were jerking each other off.

Drew: Well I'm sorry you had to see that. These dam tank kids just walk around fucking up the whole town.

2. Lela: Holy shit! Sean O'tankly has my sun glasses on. Drew and Tom can you help?

Drew: Ya there are too many tank kids for one girl to handle. Tom and I will take care of this.

Tom: Yea, don't worry Lela.

Lela: But there are at least five of them in there.

Tom: O MY GOD..... We've got a tanktacular!

(Drew and Tom ruthlessly beat the shit out of the tank kids. They obtain Lela's sun glasses off of Sean O'tankly)
by armondo 2 July 10, 2008
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