An adjective used to describe a large object. To compare to a "tanker ship".
That kid is a tanker.
by pPig January 16, 2009
A combination of Tank and wanker meant to represent a person on gta online that can only get kills by shooting people from inside a tank
"Oh great this lobby has a tanker aswell
by Douganater July 07, 2014
big ass lines of coke
lets snort some mufuckin tankers
by dirty red April 05, 2007

1. The name given to a girl's tits if they are larger and nicer than normal.

2. Tankers, also used as 'banks', 'trucks' or 'tanks', is unoffensive and a quality noun to describe such features of the female organism.
"Yeah dude, she has some huge ass tankers."
by Kyle Cubs September 18, 2007
A person who goes out with fat girls
god: what did you do last week?
pol: we were laughing at karstin he was licking (kissing) a fat girl
god: o really i didn't know he was a tanker
by qazxsw April 02, 2008
a. A female of accententuated curvature to the point of obesity.
e.g. 1. Goddamn! Look at that tanker!
2. That tanker ordered 5 double quarter pounders. Her ass must go wordbadonkadonk!
by j.g. February 12, 2003

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