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refernce to a paladin class player, in the online game WOW(world of warcraft). This paladin in question would be specced to play as a tank while in dungeons and/or raids. The most noted "tankadin", Ledorian (Leddy) of Tortheldrin, is known to pwn warriors faces, daily.
1: Did you see that pwnage?

2: Yea, Ledorian the Tankadin wiped that crappy warrior again.

1: I wish i had that much stam....
by soylebeave of deep13 April 05, 2008
A character of the paladin class in WoW with most of their points in the Protection tree in order to tank effectively.
Dude, that nub pally specced prot? Everyone knows tankadins don't hold a candle to prot warriors!
by squarecircle May 18, 2008