Taking a shit with such force that your shit gets stuck to the back of the toilet.
Mann, I ate so much beans, I had tank ass all morning. I tanked so hard I almost ruptured a hemorroid!!!
by hemy January 24, 2008
An ass so huge that strikes back when you insult it.
Tara Bichard is a tankass!
by Wes Morris September 17, 2003
Abnormally large buttocks typically found on outstanding Marine radio techs
Damn that Hafterson sure has a Tank Ass
by Fat Daddy Sass December 29, 2010
A very large and substancial glutious maximus. Like a tank is to a car -- a Tank Ass.
"Look at that softball player, she has a Tank Ass."
by Schammy October 11, 2006
An ass so large that is causes the bearer to commonly be late to work.
Can you believe that tank ass Craig was late again!?!
by mohlerman August 18, 2011
A generally unattractive rear end as a result of wideness.
Man, that girl went off to college and got tankass.
by The S Diddy August 12, 2003
Tom Crankshaw
holy shit tankass u need to warn sum1 when relesing gas from the ass! man......
by Ali P March 17, 2004
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