an excreation of gas spewing from one's ass fermenting a cheezy odor that lasts for days to come.
Last night, deez tanked in my face, I then proceeded to vomit on his tities.
by tim suplezio April 12, 2004
Sounds like the way some Irish people say 'thanks'
My Grandmother
by Lou January 27, 2004
the vehicle tank girl drives
tank girl:get in my tank,jet
by cathie August 25, 2003
female that eats more than any person known and enjoys telling details of what she eats to guys
Dude...kathy is a TANK!
by D. Willy May 18, 2003
tank is a fat whore and goes to brentwood school. He was involved with a girl who has a moley pussy. He is a great guy but has balls smaller than a sparrows. Everyone loves him, even though he is gay
James Tanquarey
O jesus u are such a tank
wayne shaves his bum hole
by christoff January 20, 2005
adj. used in refferance to a chick's ass, communicating that the ass is both round and firm and though it may appear to be large, in porportion to the rest of her body it looks damn fine.
"That chick has a tank ass!"
"Which one?"
"That one there with two strange bulldogs pawing at one another in the back of her jeans."
"Oh!... That's a tank ass..."
by toby January 03, 2004
Hattie Hill.
Alex got squashed by a tank.
by bugger off May 26, 2003

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