having sex with a female very hard, usually in the arsehole.
i tanked those little bitches down souf' fo' reel!
by tommy November 04, 2004
A fat bastard. One who is severly disfigured in the midsection.
John's getting so fat, he looks like a tank!
by phil March 02, 2003
1: n.
A teenage male living in Southern Australia.
Tank was held hostage at the Argili Cafe.
by Nora March 13, 2004
Best track on the Black and White album.
"Yes, I can...."
by Dick Splash August 17, 2003
the definition of tank is jon. he poons noobs. GXC BITCH
jon is a tank and he poons noobs
by dan and kevin October 20, 2006
A big ole jiggle booty
That girl has a tank!
by Angie s May 10, 2005
A heavily built/large person or thing
"Whoa that chicks a fucking TANK!"
"Dude that things a tank!"
by Sami November 28, 2004

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