A common nickname of prison masters. Strong and massize. Likes to ass rape smaller guys (his bitches). He either kicks someone's ass or uses his tremendous size to make someone his bitch.
"Tank rules this prison so Nighty,Night, keep yor but hole tight."
by Oswaldo Sanchez December 29, 2004
Often slang for a womens upper chest or boobs
Dude , Look at that bitches tanks!!!!
by Big Black Gangsta July 31, 2004
A word to descirbe what one is doing. Can be used in many fashions.
1. to Speed in a vehicle
2. to be high or drunk
1. Im taking around
I have to tank it to work
2. I am so tanked right now
Lets got get tanked
by GL October 17, 2003
da silly neGr0 who pizzeld your a$$.
I go TANKed
by TANK May 25, 2003
to flee in a very quick manner
Jon: yo ted! Bob is here
ted: uh oh lets tank.
by vrej khanzadian June 04, 2005
having sex with a female very hard, usually in the arsehole.
i tanked those little bitches down souf' fo' reel!
by tommy November 04, 2004
A fat bastard. One who is severly disfigured in the midsection.
John's getting so fat, he looks like a tank!
by phil March 02, 2003

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