The act of removing a toilet tank lid, standing on the seat, and taking a dump in the tank of a toilet so the next person who uses it flushes out shit.
"Man, they fucking fired me so I tanked that fucking toilet on my way out!"
by lithos July 11, 2006
One who like the infamous "shotgun" call, calls out "tank" to be the one who drives as opposed to the "shotgun" call where they would recieve front passenger seat.
Man, Steve is such a tank whore.
by Project Green Leaf June 02, 2006
Drink made of one handle of vodka,Burnett's if you wanna roll cheap,case of beer, and 5 frozen lemonade concentrates, created by the boys of Christian Brothers High School in Memphis, drunken last week at some dance-fuckin awesome.
"man this tanks kickin my ass!"
"Dude, you threw the fuckin tank outa the car!" reply "yeah but the cops were coming!"
_completely forget of it every happening next morning
by Gt February 14, 2005
To deficate one's dignity by arriving at their home, opening the tank of their toilet, and subsequently taking a dump in it. Results in clogged pipes and humiliation. Related to shelfing
What will happen if you piss someone off.
by Gooche May 11, 2004
Big, turret on caterpillar tracks and covered in metal armour.
Iraq soldier 1- Have you seen a tank?
Iraq soldier 2- Yes.
Iraq soldier 1- Describe it to me.
Iraq soldier 2- Have you seen a watermelon?
Iraq soldier 1- Yes!
Iraq soldier 2- It totally dosen't look like one!
by Saddam Hussein April 28, 2003
An exclamatory remark of a gamer when he blows a guys head off in any shooter game, or what happens to my friend lance when he plays me at halo 3.
Guy 1: Dude watch out he's around the corner!
Guy 3: Im gonna get you!
Guy 2: Don't worry that bastard is on lock down.
Guy 3: God Damnit!!
Guy 1&2: TANK!!!
by Radshack6695 March 25, 2008
A extra large poop; A poop that exceeds the size of a regular poop.
I have to tank right now!
Eww that tank is nastayy.
by adam February 28, 2005

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