A military assault vechle used to destroy things it is mounted with a cannon loaded with 35mm shells also normaly tanks are mounted with a 50 calibur machine gun and 3 soldiers fit inside. (english, and american tanks fit 3 an israel tank normally fits 2 as they only controll Gps and The cannon an israely tank does not have a mounted 50 calibur machine gun) Also tanks can be used for escorts in very serious situations of war A.K.A the 9/11 that sparked the war between America And Iraq the convoys of soldiers may be escorted by 2 humvees with 50 calibur machine guns / recoil rifles and a tank in some situations of serious gun fire
Look theres a tank coming *boom*

Name. Status. How?
Alix K.I.A Tank
by Michael Washington September 07, 2006
1. A nickname for someones penis, implying it's large size.
2. Someone who can drink alot. Ex. Frank the tank from that movie with Will ferrel.
3. A tubby ass mutha fucka. Someone who isn't going to get layed for a while.
4. an armored vehicle
1. Hey eric you have a small dong.
Shut up asshole this thing is a tank
2. Douche:guys im a hard ass watch me drink this whole six pack by myself. you: wow what a tank.
3. That bitch gave me herpes! How'd she get layed if she was a tank?
4. I used to drive a tank back in nam'.
by Jamm627 April 12, 2006
A person who is extremely strong, square shoulders, not necessarily tall but makes up for it with leg power and strength. He's naturally built and also see the word manchild, as the "True Tank" has a goatee by the age of 14 or 15. Legs are huge, and has some real guns on him.
There are tanks usually found in sport. The typical tank comes from a physical game, like American Football, Ice Hockey, Australian Rules Football, and both codes of rugby but there is also the odd cricket player.
by TashAZ September 28, 2005
to urinate excessively
He really needed to tank after he did five beer bongs.
by Rolls August 17, 2004
the strongest person alive
tegan is a tank
by des morantivo November 02, 2003
A word that means... I want you to protect me from monsters on Ragnarok Online, that will hurt me so bad I will die in 4 hits, so I can hit them and get your loot and stuffz.
tank me plz
by lookatme! February 23, 2003
by LAGALISHOUS December 22, 2009
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