Noun: A player-character, typically in a MMORPG, that is able to occupy an agressor and take the brunt of the aggressor's attacks while the other players deal damage, heal, or perform some other action. The "tank" can survive longer while taking damage than the other characters. Typically, the tank has higher hitpoints (health) and a higher armor rating than the other characters. Less commonly, a character with a lower armor rating can perform the actions of the tank by using avoidance abilities. Ultimately, the tank needs to be able to occupy the agressor without dying. The method employed, whether avoidance or absorption, does not matter, as long as the tank can mitigate damage in some way.

Verb: To "tank", or "tanking", would be the action of performing the duties of the tank as described above.
1.N. That warrior is a good tank because he can take a lot of damage and he has a lot of hitpoints.
2.V. The warrior is tanking the mob right now.
3.V. Do you think you can tank this mob for us?
by Ignotus September 02, 2005
The best NWOBHM New Wave Of British Heavy Metal band that ever existed.
The War Drags Ever On is Tank at their best.
by Joetallica April 23, 2008
Tank (noun) - A very strong person.

Tanked (adjective) - The quality of being very energetic.

Tankish (adjective) - The quality of being very strong.

Tankishness (noun) - The amout of strength someone has.
Timmy is a tank.

Timmy is tanked up today.

Timmy looks tankish in that picture.

That tight T-shirt really makes Timmy's tankishness show.
by M. D. Fluppy June 01, 2007
1.Anyone who is abolutely amazing in any athletic event such as: hockey, football, soccer, etc..
1."Hey nice goal Brett. You're a tank!"
by jared.b March 09, 2007
Usually involved in MMORPG's or just MMO's a TANK is someone who is a melee specialist and is able to bear the brunt of an attack while holding the attacker at bay.
The Tera Kasi Artist was such a great tank that he was able to bring down the Krayt Dragon in Minutes.
by Jeff Wolf January 12, 2006
To describe something really awesome. If you were to accomplish something or approve of something you might use the word tank.
Thats pretty much a tank. Cool beans.
by Maddie Hope November 18, 2005
1. v- to screw some one incredibly hard. Usually up the ass. Deriving from a halo game in which one of the players got their ass impaled by the tank barrel. Happens in a lot of prison showers.

2. n- the very cool black guy in the first Matrix who was the operator. He was one of the coolest people in the movie and basically knew everything. He was born in the real world and avenged his brother's death.

3. n- a heavily armored military vehicle

4. v- to purposefully fail at something. Much like to bomb.
1. Nick dropped the soap in the shower and got tanked by "Bubba".
I tanked your sister last night and she still can't walk.
Your mom has been tanked so many times that her vagina is the size of the Grand Canyon.

2. Tank- "We're supposed to start with these operation programs first. That's major boring shit. Let's do something a little more fun. How about... combat training."

3. The t-55 tank has been produced more than any other tank in the world. Used since 1949 they combine a high-velocity gun with a highly mobile chassis, a low shilouette, and exceptional long-range endurance.

4. I tanked my biology test because I already had 107% in the class and my friend didn't want me to wreck the curve.
by neomaverickninja May 12, 2005
An armoured fighting vehicle designed as a weapon of battlefield superiority, now used as a method of repressing civilians.
Tienaman Square, The West Bank, Gazza Strip, Iraq, Afghanistan......
by black flag May 29, 2004

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