Noun: A player-character, typically in a MMORPG, that is able to occupy an agressor and take the brunt of the aggressor's attacks while the other players deal damage, heal, or perform some other action. The "tank" can survive longer while taking damage than the other characters. Typically, the tank has higher hitpoints (health) and a higher armor rating than the other characters. Less commonly, a character with a lower armor rating can perform the actions of the tank by using avoidance abilities. Ultimately, the tank needs to be able to occupy the agressor without dying. The method employed, whether avoidance or absorption, does not matter, as long as the tank can mitigate damage in some way.

Verb: To "tank", or "tanking", would be the action of performing the duties of the tank as described above.
1.N. That warrior is a good tank because he can take a lot of damage and he has a lot of hitpoints.
2.V. The warrior is tanking the mob right now.
3.V. Do you think you can tank this mob for us?
by Ignotus September 02, 2005
Often slang for a womens upper chest or boobs
Dude , Look at that bitches tanks!!!!
by Big Black Gangsta July 31, 2004
A word to descirbe what one is doing. Can be used in many fashions.
1. to Speed in a vehicle
2. to be high or drunk
1. Im taking around
I have to tank it to work
2. I am so tanked right now
Lets got get tanked
by GL October 17, 2003
da silly neGr0 who pizzeld your a$$.
I go TANKed
by TANK May 25, 2003
Big, turret on caterpillar tracks and covered in metal armour.
Iraq soldier 1- Have you seen a tank?
Iraq soldier 2- Yes.
Iraq soldier 1- Describe it to me.
Iraq soldier 2- Have you seen a watermelon?
Iraq soldier 1- Yes!
Iraq soldier 2- It totally dosen't look like one!
by Saddam Hussein April 28, 2003
variant of thanks. Often used in situations involving puns.
Tanks a lot. That was really "punny".
by Bungalow Bill January 29, 2002
to flee in a very quick manner
Jon: yo ted! Bob is here
ted: uh oh lets tank.
by vrej khanzadian June 04, 2005
A common nickname of prison masters. Strong and massize. Likes to ass rape smaller guys (his bitches). He either kicks someone's ass or uses his tremendous size to make someone his bitch.
"Tank rules this prison so Nighty,Night, keep yor but hole tight."
by Oswaldo Sanchez December 29, 2004

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