A common term in Texas and surounding states for a manmade lake.
Let's go swimmin' in the tank.
by Wonderboy April 21, 2003
A person who takes a lot of pain and just gets up and walks away as if nothing happened.
A guy gets knocked out, 5 mins later he gets up and walks away in no pain whatsoever

"Guy is a tank"
by Six Pack Sex Machine October 26, 2011
A rather large lady who loves to indulge herself in the delights of fake tan, hair extensions and fake eyelashes. Also enjoys to use excesses of make up to complete a plastic look.
Guy 1 - "Wow, that girls hot"

Guy 2 - "Dude, She's a Tank...."
by meetroastpie October 16, 2011
meaning sucks, to lose, or lost.To fail.
"Man, that tanks!"
"You totally tanked that jump"
"This thread TANKS!"
by savory ninja May 08, 2007
An adjective describing a person who is very large tall and/or fat who is not affected by alchohol in small or medium amounts because when consumed it is dispersed into the large body and is very weak.
Dude, he is a friggin tank! He downed 27 coronas and is completely sober!
by Peter March 20, 2005
a girl who wears no other make-up, but a shitload of every eye make-up product in the world.
That bitch is a tank!

Carly looks like a major tank!

I hate tanks!
by bunniecakes96 April 11, 2012
Tanks is a classic "shooter" for up to six partners. One moves a tank around a terrain and tries with various weapons to destroy the adversarys' tanks. This international game is played on the net inhabited by BOB's, Noobs, Pedik's and lesbia's. In the game you try to kill the other team and throw as many insults as possible. The game is rudimentary but the insults are fucking brillient!
1. Shut up pikey you fucking noob that pedik is gonna fuck your ass in tanks!!

2. Lets play tanks with the internet freaks !
by I<3Tanks July 16, 2009
A Gatorade bottle made into a water bong with a pen.
Hurry up and make a tank, I have been craving this weed all day long.
by Kleep May 14, 2008

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