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The girl that becomes the standard for all other girls after you meet her. A beautiful, smart, and wise women beyond her years. As soon as you meet her your blown away. At first your attracted to her body but once you get close to her you find yourself more attracted to her as a person then just a sexy female. Yet she still remains drop dead gorgeous, enough to stop a grown man in his tracks. Always saying something intelligent to make you think on a deeper level while still being fun as hell. Great person If your ever fortunate enough to meet a girl named tanira take a chance and don't screw it up. Also some of the best sex you will have if your lucky enough to get with her. Definitely a rare find among females. Her smile makes her pretty. Her body makes her sexy. But only her mind makes her beautiful.
Man 1: "I met this girl in class, she amazing I think she might be a tanira"

Man 2:"Point me in her direction, shit your not taking the initiative I will"
by Diomedes Veritas July 08, 2011
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