Tanezhia is the type of girl that doesnt take anything from anybody , she has a very smart mouth and her attitude is horrible . But deep down inside she is a nice and kind person until you cross her the wrong way . She doesnt like being lied to and if you do lie to her you better have a good reason or else all hell will break loose . She has a banging body that will make a boy break up with his girlfriend . She is a great best friend . She has a pretty face and stands up like a stallion . She likes to eat but doesnt grow . She likes to be treated to the finer things . And can get really disrepectful if she has to . She turns heads when she walks in the door . She is a very faithful loyal and freaky girlfriend .
Tanezhia is a lady in the streets but a freak in the bed !!

If i ever find me a Tanezhia im going to keep her by my side and love her forever!
by chicken_lover193 May 12, 2013

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