Stereotypical term for yuppie mall-rat sun-worshipping indoor tanning teen girls. Bleach blonde hair, dangerously skinny, protruding hipbones, way too much makeup. Look as though they'd fall over if you touched them.
95% of all white surburbian girls.
"What do you think of that girl Sally?"
"Can you say tanarexic? She looks frightening. And disgusting."
by lesharkattaque June 25, 2006
Top Definition
A person who is addicted to tanning booths, tanning cream, the sun, etc. Often looks like Oompa Loompa.
Claire had been tanning so much that she became tanarexic, and the color of a pumpkin.
by Juni Wolfen August 21, 2005
Girls/Guys that go tanning everyday for 20 minutes
Yo, look at that girl, she needs to stay out of the sun. Shes mad tanarexic. Shes getting crispy!!!!!
by Eastside Connection April 28, 2007
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