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A tampon, soaked in a strong liquor or for the non-drinking saints amongst us (who while sober are willing - Legends) caffeinated products and insert said tampoon into the anus. (Tampooning) This is best achieved using an applicator not made from card and preferably with some KY jelly. The result is alcohol entering the system and bypassing the liver, promoting your inebriated state.
1: Andy just tampooned last night!
2: I know, heard him screaming in pain the next day when he went for a dump
1: Dirt!
by beaverman May 29, 2010
5 10
the female version of a tool. a girl or woman who tries too hard. a poser.lacks the mental capacity to engage in an intelligent conversation. acts stupid on purpose and thinks it's "hott" or cuuute".
That tampoon thinks carson daly is hot
by Maryd August 23, 2006
82 37
'tam-'pün tr.V. To prank somebody through the use of tampons soaked in red food dye in order to have the appearance of real used tampons and sticking them to cars, windows, houses, mailboxes, etc.

Similar to TPing
Tampooning Sandy's car last summer was quite a rush.
by Chris H., Pip R. October 17, 2006
32 23
A tampon so full of blood it seems like a freakin' lagoon!
-Dude, I had to take my frekin tampoon out!

-I tried to do stuff with my girl, but man she had to take her tampoon out it was sick...
by let.them.eat.cake. March 13, 2011
9 8
Feminine protection for fat ass broads. It looks like a swamp cat-tail on steriods. Used specifically to "Tampoon" a fat bitch on her period.
That beast won't take a maxi-pad, she needs tampoons!
by Uncle Kurtie November 11, 2006
14 13

The forcible insertion of a tampon into a menstruating vagina usually by a second party.
My girlfriend was passed out on my bed and her flow was heavy so I had no choice but to tampoon her.
by LazloLion May 30, 2010
7 7
to insult somone with tampoon meaning they are a tomponed poon
johnyboy:fuck you sean your a fucking tampoon!

sean:whats that?
by ass rammer 67777 September 02, 2008
1 4
When a lady accidentally drops a tampon (unused of course) from her handbag in an awkward public place. ie. Buckingham Palace.
Incoming tampoon! I tampooned on the check-out chick while paying for groceries.
by RogueRouge October 01, 2009
1 5