A paper penis that the ladies stick in their cunt when they are on their period.
Please don't be suprised when you find a whole box of them in your mothers underwear drawer!
by Mary without a Lamb May 28, 2005
Tampons are used to plug the vaginal area when a girl is having her period to catch the menstrual flow.
Honda's are like tampons. Every bitch has 1.
by jobob March 25, 2005
The person in the backseat of a car who sits in the middle. Also referred to as bitch.
I call not Tampon, or;
I'll sit anywhere but tampon.
by Jeff494 September 30, 2005
A sharp object inserted while having anal sex. It can sometimes be eaten by wolves and is common pray to Binosaurs and wetbacks. It's very common in masturbation and foreplay. It can smell like shit and is somtimes brown and somtimes it's pink. Normally owned by celeberities.
Nicole Richie went to the store to buy a Tampon but got attacked by wolves and wetbacks outside just moments after her purchase.

by shakabula January 13, 2007
Synonym for being a childish or bitch.

Used in reference to having an unreasonable amount of time and an uncanny ability to waste the life of everyone around / near / on the same continent as you.
The mids are being tampons again. It really wouldn't matter if we took our relic back with the entire realm of Hibernia and one mid defender. They'd still blame the mushrooms and mentalist healing abilities.
by Double U Tea Eph Grow Up People February 04, 2004
What Gill shoves up his butt when he can't get any.
-Oh, I really want to do it. Where are my tampons?
by RatchetBoo May 27, 2003
Tampon, Something every girl has... therefor my defenition, Tampon something every Chick has.
Honda Civics are tampons... every chick has em.
by Fred July 23, 2004

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