Honda Civic, Dodge Neon SRT-4, Honda Accord and various other ricer cars. Usually have large wings, decals, NAWZZZ, and body kits. Usually very slow and sound like weedeaters
Called Tampons because every pussy has one.
Hot chick: Do you drive a Honda Civic?
Ricer dude: Yeah how'd you know?
Hot chick: Because Civic's are like tampons, every pussy has one.
Ricer dude: I'm telling my mommy you said a bad word and hurt my feelings.
by rice-is-food February 03, 2007
a big fuck of cotton that big girl's stick inside thier waffly vagina's that make them bitch, complain about any heat at all if they are not drunk or stoned, slut, fuck and just not even think.
Don't blame your obese girlfriend, blame her bleached tampon.

This girl used so many fucking tampons that she has dulled and is yelling "bitch" to younger girls on the boardwalk.

Tampons are not for italians, but maybe the biggest mutts of america..
by cammypuss September 25, 2010
can be both a compliment and a dis. a modern way to say weirdo, and a compliment to how good of a listener you are. because you are very absorbent of information, and tampons are absorbent as well. get it? got it? good.

pronounced "tamp-on" or "tampoon" which ever fits your fancy
you are such a super tampon, thanks for being my friend.
by kymlanna March 08, 2007
A white tubular contraction (plasic/or cardboard) that holds white cotton that absorbs blood that pours out of your pussy during mensturation. Be sure to get the scented kind because your pussy could get kind of smelly at this time.
Girl: mom why is my piss red?
mom: honey ill get the tampons
by Estaban Rodreguez November 09, 2007
What I and every other straight guy and lesbain girl wants to be when she grows up.
Tampon has to be 20 letters long, right?
by Growing up fast. November 01, 2007
A monkey holding a flower while riding on top of a firetruck.
I love watching the tampons in the parade!
by Francheska February 02, 2007
an obsorbency created to be insurted up a womans vaginal area to obsorb fluid during her menstral cycle.
Tampons are often prefered over pads because they are more confortable.
by dictionarygurl July 20, 2004

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