another word for a fire-crotch or a red head.
You see that girl over there?

Which one?

That tampon over there.
by nicknack2648 May 10, 2010
we all know where one of these goes, so to call someone a tampon is to call them a stuck up cunt
such and such is a tampon
by Tom the Enchanter May 05, 2005
First of all, if you don't know what a Tampon is you shouldn't, or ask your mom. Also, don't you have a life. A tampon is used for Periods. A period is only for Girls, about 11 and up. A period is when blood, and other stuff goes out of a females vagina. This happens once a month, when the egg inside the girl mattures. When the egg leaves so does the blood that cushions the egg. A tampon is used so the blood does not ruin the girls clothes and go everywhere. You insert a tampon inside your vagina(in the hole that the penisgoes in for sex)You remove the cover, and the tampon opens up, inside there is a clothe that pretects blood flow inside the girl.
Girl: Oh, wait let me take out my tampon
Guy: Your not gonna get pregnat are you?
Girl: No, I'll be fine
by SO YOU KNOW January 02, 2010
a carboard dildo that women shove up there vagina to stop them bleeding
ahh ahh harder fuck thats hard to pull out but the sensations nice :P nicee tampon :P
by sheeney123 January 14, 2011
a vaginal plug......
man this tampon really plugs my vaginal area very well
by samuek November 20, 2004
A new age bandage for extreme bleeding.
"I just cut my arm, it is bleeding very badly, do you have a spare tampon?"
by wantsome August 12, 2004
A derogatory term for a newer-model Ford Mustang, usually when driven by a male simply for its macho-factor.
Dude1 "That guy's car is a tampon."
Dude2 "Why's it a tampon?"
Dude1 "Cuz every pussy has one!"
by NathanB April 23, 2008

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