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1. The furthest crevice of a woman's vagina. This is where tampons are sent accidentally and are stranded for eternity. Can be caused by having intercourse, or getting fingered or fistblasted when a tampon is in place.

2. The original inspiration for the song Baba O'Reilly by The Who, that refers to a "Teenage Wasteland". They changed the name of the song to make it appeal more to the masses.
Doctor: Hi, what brings you in today?

Patient: Well doctor, I forgot I had a tampon in and my boyfriend stuck his fist in my pussy. I was hoping you could help give my tampon wasteland a thorough cleaning.

Doctor: Oh, wow, I think I can help, but this may take a while. Assistant, please pass me a tire jack, 2 chopsticks and a high-powered dustbuster.
by wordman55 August 27, 2012
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