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The word "tampaction" was thought up by the Student Enviromental Action Coalition as a campaign against corporate tampons and pads. Corporate tampons and pads are very unhealthy not only for those using them but also for the enviroment.
person 1- "It is really awesome using dioxin free, enviromentally sound, and cheaper mentstrual products."

person2- "Agreed! Thanks to the Tampaction campaign, we know better."
by C(I)A member February 15, 2010
The process in which a pre-pubescent girl discovers vaginal inserts which absorb discharged endometrium and mucous.
Becky: "Oh my god, she's entered the realm of tampaction, hasn't she?"
Emily: "Like, what!? How do you know?"
Becky: "Well, her dress was pink earlier today... Not that I don't like the shade of red it is now."
Emily: "Omg, totally! Let's go be friends with her."
by Jared344035 May 26, 2006
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