Top Definition
Adj, N.
Basically means "The Best"
It can apply to any topic, depending on the conversation

Using the word "the" before it is incorrect when it's used as an adjective.
Person 1: "Did you see that move."
Person 2: "That was tammam"

Person 1: "How did you do that? You're good"
Person 2: "I'm not just good, I'm tammam"
#awesome #best #god #kickass #well hung
by TehGenius August 03, 2006
To be one of the following:
1.) A total hoe.
2.) Related to number 1
<nade> U r a tammam irl
<troy> fux i knwo
#homosexual #gay #douche #tammam #anal #hoe
by PowerRanger August 01, 2006
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