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a very funny yet sarcastic girl who chases boys but RARELY falls for them. she love to party but knows when to be serious. she loves to dance and can be quite good in bed she is beautiful and very curvasiousbut sexy at ehe same time. she is a loyal friend and is very ginuwine to the core. boys beware cause she will reel you in and youll fall for her but she wont fall back. usually a brunett those are the hottest and the most sweet. if you get a chance to meet a TALOR then keep them close they are truly one of a kind.
wow talor i love her she is super funny
by coolio04 July 12, 2009
Talor is a different (and stupider) spelling of the name Taylor/Tailor. Talor's are normally hott yet not quite bright.
Talor was looking very hot today when I saw him sitting in his SpEd Class.
by The Shadow Molester March 14, 2005
that confused black girl whose name is oddly spelled and loves Japanese music. Also, her neighbors are nasty hoes.

Talor can also refer to a pokemon. She flies and eats worms. Yummy!
I caught a Talor in the library today.
by That guy1930 December 11, 2010
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