A word meaning cool, a 'tall' person can do anything they want, wherever they want, whenever they want: rules do not apply to a 'tall' person, since they are so amazing.

The origin of this meaning was used first at a Harkins Theatre, when a customer asked for, instead of a small, a tall drink (such as the smallest size at coffee shops). Ever since, it has been used to describe how incredible something is.
Did you see him pull off that trick? He's so tall!
by Walker, Texas Ranger February 07, 2007
A term from the early 1900's meaning 'high' or 'stoned.'
I was so tall last night I couldn't find my way home.
by Felonius_Monkey May 20, 2008
a word used as a substitute for hot,attractive, or good looking.
nick;its just beacuse you think hes.....tall (he woulda said attractive)
nina: (gets angry and kicks sand at nick)
Nick : and know your making it obviousZack : but I am tall ( walks away)
by Loren friggin peterson July 28, 2006
proud; happy; gracefull
I'm having a great day, i'm so tall
by skyler d bagby February 12, 2008
Getting high. Mainly snorting cocaine.
Steve and Dan got so tall the other night, i've never seen anyone snort so much.
by Dailys April 28, 2007
1. The ironically-named smallest size of coffee that can be ordered at certain coffee establishments, such as Starbuck's.

2. Having a long penis.
(def 1.) If I drink anything more than a tall, I'll be up all night.

(def 2.) Andrew may have small hands, but his girlfriend says he's tall.
by atemperman January 25, 2004
slang for someone who thinks that they are better than everyone else, someone who is full of themselves, a guy who likes touching up a shorty even when she doesn't want him to

Comes from joke about piling shit.
I just can't stand Chris. He's so totally tall.
by JAFTR January 10, 2006
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