A word meaning cool, a 'tall' person can do anything they want, wherever they want, whenever they want: rules do not apply to a 'tall' person, since they are so amazing.

The origin of this meaning was used first at a Harkins Theatre, when a customer asked for, instead of a small, a tall drink (such as the smallest size at coffee shops). Ever since, it has been used to describe how incredible something is.
Did you see him pull off that trick? He's so tall!
by Walker, Texas Ranger February 07, 2007
Top Definition
A lot of something.
Dude, I got TALL homework tonight.
by Noah May 23, 2003
What I would be if I were in Japan.
by Anonymous July 29, 2003
who all women go for even though the guy is possibly satan himself.
There more shallow women than there are shallow men.
by adrian February 07, 2005
Starbuck's term for "small" by default. While Short is supposed to be their "small" it's doesn't appear on the menu for hot drinks.
Customer: Wait...I ordered small, hot latte. It's supposed to be 8 oz. Why am I being charged for the "Tall" size?

Barista: Oh, you wanted a "Short". You didn't say "Short". Do you want a "Short" then, hmmmmm?

Customer: Well...uhhh...yeah...of course.

Barista: Well you should've just said so in the 1st place.

Customer(seething): You just lost your tip.
by Tenacious Faulker May 18, 2009
1. Amazing; Skilled
2. Smart
1. That trick was so tall!
2. How did you do that math homework? You're so tall.
by IOFT April 18, 2011
being not short. its that simple.
hah the first one is really cool. what i would be if i were in japan. haha thats was great. i give him props.
any way my example is oompa loompas are not tall.
by orange March 12, 2005
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