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tall man is well you put your fingers in the loser sign position. the index finger stands for the height while the thumb strands for the length of his dick. Now turn your hand, with the loser sign still formed, in the similar position of a gun. Now your thumb stands for the height of short man and your index finger is his dick.
have you heard of tall man- short man. that is the only reason im glad im short
by <3*kittybear*<3 June 20, 2011
The strategy women employ to divide men. They pump up the tall guy's ego in front of the small guy by implying that, by virtue of being tall, he has a big penis. The short man, intimidated by being towered over already and degraded by the woman's implication that he has a small penis, then ignores and hates anyone taller than him, and becomes a groveling, jealousy-filled woman worshiper, never realizing that tall guys are usually nice and genuinely like to see the short guys look up at them.
Tall man- short man At a fast food restaurant, almost every transaction...

Short man to tall cashier: One small soda.

Short man's woman: They have a bigger size!

Short man, dejected: I'll take the large one, then. *SIGH*
by ladeeda777 August 18, 2011
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