hillary duff.simple plan.
hillary duff sux. simple plan sux. they both suck!!!!!!!!!!
by catherine March 01, 2005
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see: hilary duff

hilary has no talent; she can't act or sing.
"hilary duff is proof that you don't have to have talent to make it in the etertainment/music buisness."
by Heather June 17, 2005
someone that can't do anything - but we don't stop them and start laughing at them when they srew up
your just a talentless git
by Tom Ivens May 12, 2003
I'm talentless. I'm not worth anything. Someone shoot me.
by D-san August 18, 2003
Can't sing and think she's all that.
Nicole: I feel the wind blow through my h-ai-air. YOU CANT SING!!Stop singing out of ur nose at least. For gods sake
by Anonymous May 10, 2003
One of the most hated bands ever, check out their facebook:
10,000 of their fans are trolls for the talentless lame shit band.
by brokencyde are shit September 11, 2010
To be talentless is to endure a relationship with a sexually unattractive person, where talent refers to the fitness of your partner, and not your ability to pull a fox.
You may also be single, and therefore completely talentless.
Captain Scarlet: "Your lass is rough as fuck."
A Mysteron: "Argh, I am talentless."

by MEFF February 13, 2009

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