meaning to have extremly large boobs
my talanas are so big that it hurts my back to carry them
by hahaha February 09, 2003
Top Definition
An exceptionally amazing woman who can charm the heart of any man
He was tempted by a talana that almost drove him mad when he couldn't have her love
by Lord of the Flies July 23, 2003
A person of a vampiric nature, of with a sexual attraction to vampires. Usually female.
Girl1: Vampires are so dam sexy!
Girl2: Dude your such a Talana.
by Dindello February 21, 2009
Somebody who raises the dead to be her sex slaves. often refered to as "Tha Sex"
Were you at the cemetery last night? I saw a Talana there having mad sex with a corpse. She truly is tha sex.
by Bananaramaland February 21, 2009
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