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Violent or aggressive intercourse, esp. when in reference to doggy style. Origin is unknown, but its use is most commonly found in Merced, CA.

The term can also describe a random, often-stealthy attack on a freshman football player at his locker perpetrated by one or more members of the Varsity team. The cause of the assault varies; the most common motives are unprovoked malice and the need to silence a freshman who had previously been talking smack. The cakes in question are often taken on the locker room floor, but can also be taken on a bench, in the showers, standing up, against a wall, against the lockers, etc. This form of cake takeage involves no actual penetration; the victim is merely dry-humped for a short amount of time, usually a few seconds.
Varsity player sails over bank of lockers, landing on a freshman player. The Varsity player proceeds to hump the freshman, effectively taking cakes.
by OKEEG January 09, 2006

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