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A public dating event where women can meet a variety of partners without any sexual pressure or coercion. Women who decide they would like to get some action are able to take their partner home.
Going to a take-out is like visiting a love buffet, except you get to take things home with you.
by casuallove January 12, 2012
clear plastic gel-filled inserts girls put into their bras or bathing suits to make their boobs appear a cup size bigger. they smell bad if you wear them everyday and dont wash them. you cant tell if someone is wearing them even if someone touches or squeezes it through a bra or shirt. they come in a pink chinese take out box.
catherines boobs suddenly became bigger the summer she bought take outs
by flattycakes March 31, 2007
Taking a stripper home (or to your place or hotel) after her shift at the strip club for some nookie. Can either be paid or unpaid. Unpaid is always better.
After she gave him some lapdances, she offered him takeout at her place.
by CK November 06, 2004