To be the epitome of something, typically something unpleasant. To stand as the best (or more likely worst) example of a series of things.
Of all the slimy schemes Jim's pulled over the years, his attempt to pay a psychologist to testify in court that Marie, whom Jim had actually repeatedly raped the previous year, was merely paranoid, just has to take the biscuit.
by Fearman February 22, 2008
Top Definition
Chiefly a British idiom. When something "takes the biscuit" then it has become really bad, annoying or objectionable. Often used when something has worsened.
Jeff has always been annoying, but his latest stunt takes the biscuit.

Petrol has always been expensive, but these new prices really do take the biscuit.
by MoogleViper February 05, 2012
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