To Eiffel tower a girl.
This chick is smoking hot. Lets get her drunk and take her to paris 2nite!
by Dmeister669 January 18, 2009
Top Definition
When you have a 3 some and the girl is sucking one guys cock and the other guy is either fucking the girl in her ass or pussy ..both guys at the same time and you do the Eifel tower and high five over the girl. Used to conceal talking in public about a 3 some so others don't catch on around you.
Shit bro we took that bitch to Paris last night!

Amanda is coming over tonight bro, want me to talk her into going to Paris?

After me and my girl had a few to drink we went to my buddy's house and went straight to Paris.

Let's find a girl and take her to Paris.
by Dustin Harder January 23, 2015
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