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to take a loss on something, preferably school or some other activity you don't feel like doing
Me:Teacher just assigned us some classwork to do.
Roc:Man, this shit suck
Me:know what time it is?
Roc:Its time to take an L
Me:helll yeah
by fuckkkkkkkkkkkk December 01, 2007
To have a failed attempt at something. Or, to not be god (at all) at something.
Me: Fam i'm gonna hit that 3 pointer
Jaquan: Naaaaaahhh Prove it
Me: *misses the net by far*
Jaquan: nigga you be takin' L's all day! ahaaaaaaa!
Me: What?! i'd never take an L
by EgyptianQueeen April 29, 2016
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