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An ethnic group prodominately inhabiting modern day Tajikistan and Afghanistan. They're origins are unclear but they are some sort of mixture of Asiatic and Iranian races. They are closely related to their Iranian cousins, the afghans or also known as the Pashtuns. Their language is Dari, which is an archaic form of Persian. There are more Tajiks living in Afghanistan than in Tajikistan. They often intermingle with other ethnic groups such as the afghans/pashtuns or the Uzbeks.
Afghanistan has a 26% minority Tajik pop. Iran has a 3% Tajik minority. Tajikistan has a 99.9 % majority Tajik pop.
by Dr. Afshin Hossainian September 09, 2006
Tajiks don't intermingle with Uzbeks!

In fact 95.9685% Uzbeks don't like Tajiks and try to avoid them at any cost.

Even Tajiks from Bukhara and Samarkand are ashamed to admit they are Tajiks, instead they say they are Uzbeks, since Tajiks are perceived to be Gypsies in Uzbek mentality.
Don't do business with that Tajik, it'll bring bad luck
by WhatYaUp March 16, 2011
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