The foreign tradition of bending over and having a girl lick your grundle. For best results the girl should WANT to be licking your grundle; no one wants half-assed grundle work done. After all, it’s “tainted love”, not “tainted like”.
What are you so happy about?
Your mom gave me some tainted love last night. I hadn't showered in a week!
by BookWerm February 28, 2011
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love you have for a person that is so deep and feels like it should last forever, but it can't for some complicated, unfair reason. So when you have only a certain amount time left with the person you love, you know that it is tainted love. because although you would risk your life for them and think of them all the time (even in your dreams), you can't be with them forever.

it is love, actually.
once i ran to you
now i run from you
this tainted love...
by i am a lover June 26, 2004
1. A popular song, orignaly released by Sof Cell, but many other aritsts have since covered it, including Maralyn Manson, 50 Cent, The Cure and many more
2. When someone loves a person, but the love is unreturned, so it becomes tainted
3. When two people love each other but can not be together for reasons such as distance
4.When two people are in a relationship and love each other, but the love will be foreced to end in the near future eg if one of the people is terminally ill
1. "Once I ran to you, now I run from you"
2. I love Lewis, but he doesnt love me back. So I dont truely love him, its tainted love
3. I love him, but he lives at the other side of the world
4. I love him, but he has cancer and our time together is raidly decreasing
by \m/ Lisa \m/ February 05, 2006
A forcible misstroke that occurs during sexual intercourse in which the erect penis strikes the female perineum (taint), causing the penis to buckle and possibly fracture.
In the cowgirl position she zigged and he zagged and he smacked into her perineum, experiencing tainted love.
by xander913 January 08, 2014
When a white woman has has been previously fucked by a black man. In other words, she is now tainted for life.
Guy #1: Look at that chick over there. Would ya?

Guy #2: Oh hell no! (just like the chorus to the song, he goes) DUM DUM TAINTED LOVE!

Guy #1: I SHOULDA KNEW IT when I saw she had a fat ass and paid for her generic menthols with food stamps! I hate that shit! Why is it okay for black men to do white chicks but them people go all crazy when we do black chicks?

Guy #2: That's affirmative action, dude.

Black man passing by: Who you be callin' "them people"?

(both guys 1 and 2 roll their eyes and walk away)
by Big Papi August 22, 2008
Something between me and my girlfriend.
Joe: This is pure tainted love between us..
Jess: Don't say that,we will be together forever!!!1oneone(way too much sarcasm in her voice)
by Fuckthepainaway April 11, 2005
Something you get from a dirty whore.
I got some tainted love one time, and it still itches.
by I got crabs July 23, 2005

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