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1. A popular song, orignaly released by Sof Cell, but many other aritsts have since covered it, including Maralyn Manson, 50 Cent, The Cure and many more
2. When someone loves a person, but the love is unreturned, so it becomes tainted
3. When two people love each other but can not be together for reasons such as distance
4.When two people are in a relationship and love each other, but the love will be foreced to end in the near future eg if one of the people is terminally ill
1. "Once I ran to you, now I run from you"
2. I love Lewis, but he doesnt love me back. So I dont truely love him, its tainted love
3. I love him, but he lives at the other side of the world
4. I love him, but he has cancer and our time together is raidly decreasing
by \m/ Lisa \m/ February 05, 2006
the act of sliding your first two fingers across your gooch, then shaming one of the lowly high school freshmen by smearing your sweaty export all across their dirt stached upper lip. then you sing tainted love.
We were reading Beowulf in English class, and that Grendel bitch reminded me of the word grundle...I asked to go to the bathroom, and on the way back to class I showed Jeremy some of my tainted love.
by Governor December 11, 2006
Stupid song that destroyed the Marilyn Manson us Antichrist Superstar fans loved. Fuck you for covering it.
Marilyn Manson! Oh yeah, Tainted Love....
by Dark Prime June 23, 2006