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Similar to train ride but with only two partners
Me and Shane tagged Kelly and she loved it
by POPEYE August 12, 2003
the meaning of tagged in most areas of yorkshire is to be tired or worn out or just simply lazy
usually said by people who have had a hard day and are in need of some relaxation
matty- youryte babe you look gorgeous
vicky- dont come it with me mate am not in the mood
matty- sorry love have you had a good day
vicky- well have its been non-stop at work i havent sat down have got a banging headache and am just not feeling good,dyou mind if i go lay down for a bit am proper tagged
by rowanda February 09, 2008
the state in which you wake up when the previous night you passed out and your friends who remained conscious creatively decorated your body- more often than not with pens and sharpie permanent markers.
It took Jodie three hours to wash the penis that was drawn on her face when she got tagged last night.

Chase passed out first, so his friends tagged him.
by dfish April 16, 2006
When someone takes a shit in the toilet and leaves a brown mark down the back of the bowl.
Dude, who had a shit last coz some cunt tagged da toilet.
by cannibalpredator June 29, 2009
getting hit (in a video game) by a grenade that sticks to the player (examples would be Halo's plasma grenade and Gears of war's "bolo" grenade), getting "tagged" usually ends in dieing, because most grenades kill in one hit.

used directly in "Gears of war" where you can "tag" your enemy by meleeing with the grenade equipped

in "Halo" tagging can be done with the plasma grenade by throwing the grenade so that it hits the enemy and sticks.

Getting "tagged" is not very fun, because you know you can't do a thing about it.

alternate sayings: "tag" "tagging" "taggers" "tag whore/nade whore"
"crap, I've been tagged!"

"these taggers messed up my kill count."

"you tag whore!"
by Kavukamari April 24, 2007
Pissed off or tired
Greg is tagged at Cindy because she threw away his pokemon card collection without asking him.
by Portiere April 22, 2010
(adj.) A man or woman who is in a serious relationship.
"I heard Suzy got tagged last month."

"I can't take your drunken bootie calls anymore. I'm tagged now"
by doppiogirl October 27, 2007