Putting face paint on tour hand and then bitch slapping them across the face.
kid"WTF is this"
Me"you just got tagged"
by Thatfreshmen October 10, 2011
Top Definition
A site mainly for teens, with chat rooms and such. There are alot of 15 year old girls with pictures of slutty looking models on their page, claiming it's them. The chat rooms are usually full of turkish men looking for some girl to "make friends with" or "gangsters" typing in caps, talking about shit and have names like "T@Y T@Y", "MZ CUTE B00T4Y", "THiCK MAMA" etc.
Tagged sucks. End of story
by mellyoo February 04, 2008
A Social network full of Old guys pretending to be young bisexual girls who say they like girls more than boys.
On a typical Tagged profile

"Guys Fuck Off, Im Bi and i like girls more, im not looking for a guy on here"
by Mannaaaanunnnininin April 12, 2009
In Youtube, it's where you have to post a video telling 5 facts about yourself and then tag 5 more people.
I got tagged.
by my life be like April 06, 2010
A chauvinist term for fucking a chick from behind with very little respect and spraying cum on her ass. Borrowed from graffiti culture in which vandals spray-paint "tags" on property as a demonstration of illegimate ownership and arrogant pride.

"What happened with that bitch from the club last night? You know the one with the good rack and the junk in her trunk?

"I took her home, I bent her over and tagged that shit up! Tonight i'm gonna bust a nice big tag on her little asian friend's ass as well!"

by Zac A April 16, 2007
A fighting term for getting hit with a good clean shot that isn't enough to get you KTFO but just enough to have you seeing stars.
Damn, that guy just got tagged with a big right hand. He's in huge trouble.
by wolf on the ground November 15, 2005
Similar to train ride but with only two partners
Me and Shane tagged Kelly and she loved it
by POPEYE August 12, 2003
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