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Masturbation a period of time prior to intercourse to allow the participant to last longer before ejaculation. Also known as "Strategic wank"
"Err, Not tonight love"
by Ian S July 18, 2005
Masturbating just before sex to make sure you last as long as possible.
I was almost jizzin in my pants when she was grindin on me in club, so I had to have a quick tactical wank in the toilet before I nailed her.
#strategic wank #masturbation #wanking #knock one out #bash the bishop
by I P4P4MURF I February 13, 2011
Having a wank before heading out on the town to avoid turning up in 'rape mode'.
Ed: How come Dave's behaving himself tonight? He hasn't tried to finger any of those birds yet and he's been stood near them for nearly a minute?

Steve: He had a tactical wank mate.

Ed: Good call, he might see out the night.
#tactical wank #rape mode #strategic wank #wank #rape #on heat
by wankhouse December 31, 2013
The masturbation used right before having sex. Used to ensure that a cock-slap does not occur. As made famous by The Inbetweeners.
Simon: What if I can't get it up?
Jay: Nah, don't worry, nip off and have a tactical wank now
#sex #masturbation #quicky #foreplay #wank
by kiillrz December 15, 2011
A type of wank that is performed in anticipation of an iminant sexual encounter. By having a tactical wank, you save your self from busting quick when your iminant sexual encounter occurs.
Johnny: What are you up to?

TJ: Just about to have a tactical wank,I've got a tinder bitch coming over tonight.

Johnny: Smart move, champ.
by .xx xx. January 12, 2016
A tactical wank is one where you manage to slip away in an awkward or boring situation to masturbate in a quick time frame and manage to get back without anyone noticing that you had gone away. Further more people must not have knowledge of what has just taken place. A more informal slang term for this is "tac wank"
Example 1.

*R slips back hoping no one has notices his absence*

"Dude, we know that look, you have just been for a tactical wank haven't you."

Example 2.

"Where have you been son, we were having an important dinner discussion about poor university grades?"

*cough* No where, I just needed a minute."
#tactical #tac #wank #masturbation #masturbate
by LuckyMitch May 19, 2012
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