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A delicious feast at Jose's fit for kings and gods.
"That taco party was delicious!"
by Branch Lugrand August 09, 2006
The female equivalent to a sausage party.
There was only two boys and 20 girls over there last night, it was a total taco party.
by uzisuzy December 04, 2004
A social gathering primarily consisting of females.

(Guys, let's be honest... aside from a lezbo club, woman's prison yard, and maybe a bachelorette party, it is a known fact that such an event is an unlikely occurrence. Hats off to the lucky son of a bitch that actually finds one...)
Dan said there were so many chicks at that place last night, it was a fuckin Taco Party. Dan's full of shit, bra, we all know that never happens...
by Bubba Rump September 06, 2010
1. A party involving many women and few or no men. Opposite of a sausage party.
Ashley R. has taco parties all the time.
by Raymo August 29, 2004