Since the vagina is so often refered to as a taco it just goes to follow that the clitoris be called a 'tacoberry'.

Tacoberry the other pink meat.

Slipping the hood back reveal a sweet pink tacoberry.
by CheVolay June 24, 2010
Top Definition
A taco berry is defined as; toilet paper that gets stuck in a chics pubes from wiping her really hairy vagina, the normal color when ripe is yellow or poop brown, can be edible depending how hungry you are; 2)or wiping her really hairy ass, in this instance they would be brown in color and not very tasty.
1)Damn i went down on this chick last night and she had TACO BERRIES all over her hairy pussy.

2)Jeez, i don't remember last night at all i must have blacked out, i must have eaten some TACO BERRIES as residual berries are still stuck in between my teeth.
by justinwilson April 03, 2007
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