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A song made popular by Hennifer Lopez.
Three tacos, two tostados and a soda pop. Don't forget the hot sauce chulo!
by pro-nun-see-A-shun May 12, 2003
339 60
kisses that have the distinctive flavor of taco's in them.
fulfill all your weeshes with my taco flavored keeses,,, taco taco,,,,, burrito burrito,,, taco taco
by The Ju1ce August 27, 2003
199 74
The act of offering kisses with the distinctive hint of taco flavoring for "my Ben".
Taco flavored kisses kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiises for my Ben.

Taco, taco. Burrito.
by Frank Buckland December 19, 2007
71 50
Someone who is annoying and wont STFU in the urban dictionary editor chatroom.

tacoflavoredkisses: Blah blah blah

BigSexy86: STFU

tacoflavoredkisses: ooh, you're putting me on urban dictionary?

BigSexy86: Epic fail Taco...
by BigSexy86 February 01, 2009
7 5
a shower of kisses fter consuming sevral tacos, chulo!
Taco sooo good in my tummy-ummy-ummy, give me more!
by OrbX9 June 30, 2003
50 53
kissing with the taste of a hairy taco on your lips
by jolly July 24, 2003
47 85
A reference to the kind of pointless stupid love that can happen between 2 self-absorbed cretins who only have their looks going for them.
Our love is that of taco flavored kisses.
by blarb June 20, 2003
34 127