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1.A phrase usually yelled by Hispanics at parties while under the influence of MDMA.

2.Can be used when listening to a song that you think you might like while you're rolling.

3.Can also be used when you're in a large crowd and looking for the "party people".
1. -
*with all your friends at a party*
Group#1: tacha tacha what what!
Group#2: ecstasy ecstasy que que!

2. -
*widowmaker by dj zany playing on the radio*
edwardface: oh shit! i like this song. TACHA TACHA WHAT WHAT!!

3. -
*in a large crowd of strangers*
you: tacha tacha
party person: what what
you:hey whats up?
party person: not much just here rolling balls.
by EFTM August 17, 2009
its what people say or tell you when u roll on ex. usually worded by mexicans. no offense. tacha simply meaning the mexican word for ex pills.
(trippin on ex)pancho villa:tacha tacha what what!

santa clause:tacha tacha what what!
jesus:tacha tacha what what!
grandma:tacha tacha what what!
by cassieofadown July 31, 2009

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