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opt. 'mobile zombie' people with a device in hands, frozen in space, as if going somewhere, their need to respond to a new e-mail or check updates caught them by surprise.

These people can walk slowly with their tablet or mobile in hands, reminding zombies. Sometimes they hide in far cafe corners and become similar to a self-absorbed plankton, swaying on the waves.

By ignoring surroundings tablet zombies can create dangerous situations in public spaces such as subway or street. Some users say that they can do the familiar path having no problems, without looking at the road. However, this leads to many risks...
- How did you get that bruise?!
- Yesterday I went to a mall and I've slammed my forehead into a strange guy!
- Holy cow!
- Yeah, that crazy guy was keeping staring at his Samsung right before getting off from the escalator!
- It was a tablet zombie by the way
- Wow! They are here!
by June 12, 2014
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