One who has nothing better to do than watch for people who sit on table tops and tells them that they cannot sit on the table because it will break.
Spc. Lutes: Hey! You can't sit on that table. It will break.

Sgt. Table Sitter: Yeah?? Well fuck you, you fobbit faggot. Go run a mile and talk to me when you get back. Don't you have some spatula's to wash? What color is your belt buckle?? You fucking Table Nazi!
by ScotyV October 14, 2007
Top Definition
When someone's anal about how you hold your fork or some shit at dinner, and proceeds to throw their utencils at you and break dishes in a fit to have you conform. Like my dad.
"What a fucking table nazi! All I did was slurp and he fuckin broke a dish on my brother's head; so I did it again, and so did he. What a fun game."
by Chris March 01, 2005
1.Cody Holmes the flippin master at foosball

2. SOmeone who takes over any game.
1. God, why can't tableNazi lose for a change?

2. where did that tableNazi come from?
by G82401 January 20, 2005
Not Cody Holmes, but Cody Holm, the Prime Minister of the Fourth Reich of the Foosball Table.
He has been out of action recently, probably planning his next holocaust.
Cody: Hey guys, what's up?
*crowd at foosball table hisses*
Me: Asshole!
by Robert January 23, 2005
Cody Holm is back in action again with all new tablenazi tricks!!!
I can beat your arse!!!!
by g28401 April 06, 2005
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